China Automobile industry chain carbon publicity platform (CPP) has been developed by China Automotive Carbon Digital Technology Center Co., Ltd. to upgrade carbon emission management of the industry, enable carbon emission by going digital, and contribute to the attainment of China’s "dual carbon" target. As the very first publicity platform to share carbon footprint data from the entire automobile industry chain in the world, CPP aims to make Chinese automobile carbon data publicity a routine, improve mutual recognition of carbon footprint data across the globe, and lead the new international trade competition with “carbon emission” at the core.

Offering carbon footprint data concerning whole vehicles, parts and automotive materials, CPP supports search, download, statistical analysis and emission reduction history inquiry of more than ten types of data, including product carbon footprint, carbon emission reduction, carbon quantification labelling and carbon rating labelling, accessible to governmental departments, Chinese and foreign research institutions, colleges & universities, financial institutions and the media. It is expected to include carbon footprint data on all passenger vehicles on sale in China.

The platform will later expand its coverage to imported and commercial vehicles as well as motorcycles, optimize adoption and application of information used for publicity, and direct superior resources such as green finance to adding new momentum for green and low-carbon growth of the automobile industry.